Mahmood Salehi’s open letter to the Internationalist workers of Turkey and freedom-Loving people of the World


Mahmood Salehi’s open letter to the Internationalist workers of Turkey and freedom-Loving people of the World


To the Internationalist workers of Turkey and the World!

Workers, Workers’ Organizations, and freedom loving people of the world:

The Fascistic State of Turkey, is seeking a way out of a crisis that has crippled it now for many years, a crisis which is the product of the capitalist system. It resorts to any means to over-come the crises. The Capitalist Regime of Turkey has re-organized a 22,000 strong mercenary army of terrorists in Syria, comprising of mainly the former ISIS/ISIL members, to invade and attack the Popular Democratic Cantons of Kurdistan of Syria.

The attack of Turkish forces accompanied by the terrorists of the region in the past few days on #Efrin, a city located within 100 Kilometer from the Syria-Turkey border, where its people after few years of dreadful fights with the ISIS terrorist, had a relatively peaceful life, is a criminal act and anti-human, absolutely.

The internationalist workers of Turkey & freedom-loving people of Turkey and the world should not be silent on the Ariel and Ground invasion of the 6th army of the world and the 2nd within NATO to #Efrin, which has resulted in loss of lives of dozen civilians on the daily basis. The victory of the deprived people of #Efrin is depending on the protest of you, the freedom loving workers and people of Turkey and world over! Indeed it is our humanitarian duty and we ought to pour in to the streets and put pressure of the fascistic government of Turkey to put an end on its criminal aggression.

The capitalist state of Turkey claims that has resorted to War on Efrin to defend its borders. The dominant government of Turkey lies to all, just like other capitalist states in the world! War is just the other face of the capitalist system for survival and to exploit the working class more! It is the duty of us, the workers, to expose the ugly faces of war for the world to see in open.

Long Live the #Resistance_Of_Efrin

Mahmood Salehi

January 31st ۲۰۱۸

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