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Suprise butt penetration

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"The laws are actually going the other direction, with more concealed carry being allowed. There has been no increase in shootings as more law-abiding citizens have been allowed to carry concealed."

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Your comments(23)
  1. Zolocage
    Zolocage4 months ago

    I'm thinking it was more early-stage dementia than passion.

  2. Moogugami
    Moogugami4 months ago

    Oh Bob, limiting your understand of economics to dates when presidents enter into office, only illustrates that you have a limited understand of economics.

  3. Akilar
    Akilar4 months ago

    Or, to put it differently: Christians, how's that theism working out?

  4. Fekree
    Fekree3 months ago

    We don?t need a crutch. You must admit, we who are strong believers

  5. Suprise butt penetration
    Dizahn3 months ago

    Bill Clinton. Ordered to report for duty TWICE and didn't.

  6. Zulkiran
    Zulkiran3 months ago

    So it's true that you lefties prefer to have child traffickers and pedophiles attempt to cross the border illegally and use the kids as shields to avoid criminal prosecution. And I suppose the rent-a-mobs that the lefties pay for are suitably outraged that laws are actually being enforced since they don't respect the law anyway.

  7. Знакомства
    Feshicage3 months ago

    Hey, my boyfriend calls me fluffy! ;D

  8. Dudal
    Dudal3 months ago

    So once the natural mechanisms that caused us to exist and evolve into the way we are are understood we do indeed have a satisfactory analogy. God of the gaps right there.

  9. Suprise butt penetration
    Zugore3 months ago

    It's not your job to make sure she's alright. That's HER job.

  10. Suprise butt penetration
    Tygojas2 months ago

    The Republicans want to pass a bill that will murder people to save a buck. They want to split it into states to devide and concure. Obama care gave healthcare to people who never had it. Change the name but mandatory healthcare at the federal level is fair and esential.

  11. Suprise butt penetration
    Sasho2 months ago

    Of course not! :)

  12. Akijinn
    Akijinn2 months ago

    You have made a major mistake in your question. You are making the assumption that the human race is intelligent. We are, certainly, the most intelligent species known to be on this planet, but that's not much of a claim to fame, especially since we seem to be devolving or regressing. If we keep moving at the rate we are, the human race will be very lucky to last another century. Personally, I wouldn't give them that long.

  13. Знакомства
    Akisar2 months ago

    I mentioned in an earlier post that I believe God wrote three books, one by the apostles and prophets, one within nature and one within the heart of man. When these three lineup we are the closest to truth. When I approach Scripture I consider these three books. I realize that there are some "Bible teachers" that teach that the Bible says the earth is 6000 years old. This is just a doctrine of man based on faulty interpretation. The Bible makes truth claims i.e. data. That data needs to be examined just like scientists examined data and sometimes they interpret it wrong the same thing goes with philosophy. The fact that men can get things wrong doesn't discredit the data they're looking at.

  14. Suprise butt penetration
    Dazshura1 month ago

    I should probably look at your profile first.

  15. Знакомства
    Kesida1 month ago

    At very least, yes.

  16. Знакомства
    Aragami1 month ago

    I agree that there is no problem with legislators (or voters) creating laws that reflect new realities. That is probably the best way to do it.

  17. Suprise butt penetration
    Najind1 month ago

    I'm not yet 55, and teach self defense to clients all over the world. Your delusion is now complete, son.

  18. Faegor
    Faegor1 month ago

    You may want a ganache. ;-)

  19. Знакомства
    Mikasho4 weeks ago

    You are insulting me. You put up that quote which is insulting to me, an atheist, because I'm an atheist. You are insinuating that I am an idiot because I'm an atheist.

  20. Знакомства
    Kele2 weeks ago

    Oh puleeeze. Religion is a scam, a money making business, and a way to control people and gain political power. How can anyone believe in that nonsense? Its idiocy. Its all blood blood blood, drink his blood, washed in the blood, the blood of the lamb, its a god damned blood cult that wants 10% of your money. How can you not see that?

  21. Suprise butt penetration
    Motaur1 week ago

    Who told you couldn't "test what is true, and hold fast to what is good" like the apostle Paul said? Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the 66 books in it are infallible. If i'm mistaken, please inform us.

  22. Malataxe
    Malataxe1 day ago

    Then he should stop msking gay people

  23. Negis
    Negis17 hours ago

    Bill Clinton only goes to resturants that gives him meals on the house ! Democrats like hand outs !

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