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"If it conflicts with their business license or the business laws in the county they received the license it absolutely does mean that."

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  1. Moogujind
    Moogujind4 months ago

    How much does your significant other love you? I'm sure you've repeatedly observed it, but would you say it can be measured?

  2. Знакомства
    Nesar4 months ago

    I'll take a swing at this!

  3. Sock fetish community
    Kahn4 months ago

    He watched pedo's rape children, does nothing but say's when you're finished I'll get you. That's not how I'd deal with that. would you?

  4. Gogrel
    Gogrel4 months ago

    I think I phrased myself badly. Dan's point was a historical Jesus existed, there was no need for him to defend a biblical Jesus.

  5. Shazshura
    Shazshura3 months ago

    I am guessing many did not. Just like when TFCC does some polls, he has done a few fun ones, not everyone joins in.

  6. Akigul
    Akigul3 months ago

    Holy men of God wrote that which God directed them to write.

  7. Shaktizshura
    Shaktizshura3 months ago

    Don't know the comedian. There was a mobster named Joe Monte who was assassinated when I was in high school and I did nothing to dissuade the other kids from assuming I had mob connections.

  8. Kazram
    Kazram3 months ago

    The the man of sincere faith would refuse, of course.

  9. Gorn
    Gorn2 months ago

    Hopefully they will think twice about this move..

  10. Знакомства
    Mok2 months ago

    don't forget, they had a awful lot of data, saying hilary in a landslide!!!

  11. Sock fetish community
    Mobar2 months ago

    But I am not really immature at all. So being sarcastic in order to point out your irrational beliefs in pretty immature I guess. Demonology is, in every conceivable way, a subject to be taken as lightly as anyone could possibly take any subject.

  12. Sock fetish community
    Kek2 months ago

    You are forgetting that PP profits from abortions... they WANT those girls to get molested and knocked up again. That is why they send them back...

  13. Знакомства
    Tulabar2 months ago

    Of course. I do my homework.

  14. Kejinn
    Kejinn2 months ago

    Yes, during class. Ridiculing Christian beliefs about creation, for starters, without prompting.

  15. Знакомства
    Nizuru1 month ago

    Report away. I have broken zero rules.But we do not look kindly on false flagging.

  16. Vikree
    Vikree1 month ago

    At least someone understands why I'm kind of disappointed more atheists aren't glorious hedonists. :-)

  17. Sock fetish community
    Meztitilar1 month ago

    "That is not a good way to use the scientific method.".... Show me the Evidence In "GODIDIT"

  18. Faulkree
    Faulkree1 month ago

    Glad you?re back! Don?t ever leave again!!!!!! Lol

  19. Sock fetish community
    Dutilar1 month ago

    Rather consider this : Gralgrathor has not experienced everything that a human being can experience.

  20. Sock fetish community
    Mura4 weeks ago

    No it isn't. Because at the bottom of it, it isn't about the religion at all. It's about conflating fear, xenophobia and racism with a specific religion as a means to further a political agenda. If you spoke with the people who support that 'Muslim ban' and ask them the unrelated question 'do you support banning religious freedom?' they would tell you 'No' without even thinking about it.

  21. Знакомства
    Goltirisar3 weeks ago

    And just how did you know it was your god and not say Ninkasi or, perish the thought, Old Scratch?

  22. Знакомства
    Bazshura1 week ago

    2018 and countries still have Kings and Queens? LOL

  23. Sock fetish community
    Douktilar1 day ago

    We see, as if through a glass, darkly.

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