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"My girlfriend and I had a spat this morning about the Eagles not going and she tried to defend them by saying it's their right to kneel but I told her it's not about the right to kneel, it's about the right to defend the right to kneel that these kneels are disrespecting."

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  1. Знакомства
    Zulkisho2 months ago

    I was worried I was the Pope, if that helps.

  2. Zologore
    Zologore2 months ago

    I mean from this posted article and the other one tfcc posted.

  3. Знакомства
    Zulusar1 month ago

    Yes, it is a misdirection.

  4. Mikarg
    Mikarg1 month ago

    Well, yes it is. But then a lot of how the Bible is interpret is a bit of a stretch.

  5. Meztilrajas
    Meztilrajas1 month ago

    Luke was wrong and I can prove it using the mythological birth stories in Matthew and Mark which give remarkably different dates for when Jesus was born. Out of curiosity, would you explain how two gods sitting on two heavenly thrones is monotheism?

  6. Kajisho
    Kajisho1 month ago

    Wow, this is horrible, you guys! I?m so sorry for what you?re going through! My daughter is on a period sometimes more often than not. All the drs say nothing is wrong, but none of the BC?s out there slow it down. I?ve never been able to relate as my periods were almost non-existent before ending prematurely in early 40?s (different kind of issue). (Like, I could literally use a wad of toilet paper. I know, TMI) I can?t believe you live like that. What about medicinal pot? I was talking to a dr that says a lot of research is being done in that area.

  7. Bazragore
    Bazragore1 month ago

    Yeah, but what is there stance on gay rights and abortion? Those are the important matters.

  8. Kesho
    Kesho4 weeks ago

    You're right, I can't say most. Poor choice of words. I was generalizing based on my personal experience.

  9. Dijora
    Dijora4 weeks ago

    He?s imaginary to you too; you just evidently don?t realize it.

  10. Spycam sister masturbate
    Douzuru3 weeks ago

    It's not a yes/no question. I made a new answer that fits.

  11. Spycam sister masturbate
    Moogujin2 weeks ago

    You're presenting it as both are equally likely to lead to either truth or lies. I don't see it that way in the least. The scientific method requires testing. Faith doesn't. An experiment can only give so many conclusions. Faith can give ANY conclusion you want.

  12. Malaktilar
    Malaktilar2 weeks ago

    What kind of a question is that??

  13. Spycam sister masturbate
    Gardajas2 weeks ago

    I have to admit, it sounds like Trudeau might have actually stumped Trump on that one. So Trump responded the way he does; by attacking with an irrelevant point. I mean, how does Trump justify tariffs as matters of national security? Is he afraid Canada will dominate the US economically the way China is?

  14. Dairg
    Dairg2 weeks ago

    AC. As I read Gen. 3:19i think that death and returning to dust was part of the Biblical curse of a god.

  15. Знакомства
    Faeramar5 days ago

    Where to begin...

  16. Mukora
    Mukora7 hours ago

    Those businesses , likely won't make it anywhere else either.

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