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Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole

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"Drowning people don?t choose not to be saved. They either drown or get saved. I have no good reason to think I need salvation or in miracles or the claims of the Quran, Book of Mormon or bible."

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BrokenTeens - Petite Teen Destroyed By Two Monster Cocks

She held her legs tightly together. " I glanced at the two subway workers, one was a whip-thin teenage boy, and the other was a pretty, young woman with short, black hair and large lips.

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Your comments(35)
  1. Mautilar
    Mautilar9 months ago

    Yes, because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. How do I know that? because everything lines up perfectly, what was written 4 thousand years ago to the time of the Messiah Jesus 2,000 years ago, all the prophecies are right on target.

  2. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Dulrajas9 months ago

    I'm a Canadian. It's probably because we have an endless supply of crazy libs who are willing to hang their daughters to defend Islam.

  3. Jushura
    Jushura9 months ago

    There were very few cities, as such. Palestine was for a long time a province of Egypt, and Egyptian authority was collapsing in the region when the Israelites were taking over. They were not stepping into an area of petty entrenched regional loyalties - they were stepping into a power vacuum.

  4. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Mom9 months ago

    Actually, no one had the idea before God did. Christianity was God's plan for humans before the earth was created. Satan, however, is known to be a murderer, counterfeiter, and a deceiver. Any religion other than Christianity having a similar idea, is merely a false copy of God's original plan.

  5. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Nikora8 months ago

    Again, nobody suggested you follow him. I think that's what is confusing you. I agree with you, I wouldn't follow Jesus based on the stories, either. But, I can still learn lessons from the stories and not use Jesus in any way

  6. Знакомства
    Bracage8 months ago

    So you're defending the people who set fire to a DHS employee's dog.

  7. Знакомства
    Jushura8 months ago

    Poor scared, little Smiley, afraid of a baseball cap.

  8. Jusar
    Jusar8 months ago

    Just because you have a desire for something doesn?t mean you have to act on it.

  9. Shakakinos
    Shakakinos7 months ago

    As long as it is not an outlandish and stupid cut it colour the girl is old enough decide the length she wants toward her hair. Seems like a controlling man to me. If I was his wife I would be taking my daughter to get her hair cut and telling him, women dress to please themselves not a man, good lesson for the daughter to learn. Wonder if he would like wife telling him to shave or grow a beard. Control freak.

  10. Balmaran
    Balmaran7 months ago

    "... gun journalists down?" That is a problem. There aren't any journalists ... at least not in the MSM. The few, if any, that still survive are considered an endangered species.

  11. Знакомства
    Faesho7 months ago

    Indeed, scientific encroachment into fundamental issues of morality is allowing us to practice dysgenics, perpetual infantilism, and the drowning of human dignity under the pretended beneficial rule of a worldwide elitism of corrupti --- as they scientifically use oligopoly media to indoctrinate the herd about what objective moralists our new fascist corporate rulers are.

  12. Kazijas
    Kazijas7 months ago

    I have to admit. I'm clueless about the Quran.

  13. Tesida
    Tesida7 months ago

    There were no wars about race in history. That is why the US obsession with race looks peculiar. In Russia people or different racial groups lived in harmony for centuries. Many Russians from Siberia have mongolian blood which you can see in their appearance. An example is Yul Brynner. They are still regarded as 100% Russians.

  14. Знакомства
    Negor7 months ago

    Obsessed? I mentioned it once, and then repeated the comment for your benefit.

  15. Знакомства
    Kagalkis7 months ago

    I read the whole thing, Epicurean. It was long as you said but I've seen and read longer. I hope you don't mind my also long answer being in point form. It may help to keep my reply more coherent.

  16. Voodoolkis
    Voodoolkis7 months ago

    It is forbidden in Leviticus.

  17. Знакомства
    Dak6 months ago

    LOL. I will be sure to avoid that.

  18. Знакомства
    Taushicage6 months ago

    You have not shown those papers about God. You keep saying that they are there but I haven't seen you produce them.

  19. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Najind6 months ago

    Italian, he's got pizza for luggage.

  20. Tauzilkree
    Tauzilkree6 months ago

    It gives them a better narrative to sell next season?

  21. Maushura
    Maushura6 months ago

    Yes, all the scientists and learned people are lying. They are a part of some giant conspiracy. They meet in a secret chamber in Mt. Rushmore, inside Lincoln's nose, coming up with lies to annoy theists.

  22. Faejas
    Faejas5 months ago

    You are making the same ignorant arguments that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission made, if you want to understand the decision you may want to read it.

  23. Talmaran
    Talmaran5 months ago

    Stephen A going in on the Cavs

  24. Знакомства
    Morr5 months ago

    I can explain, but you will not understand. You need to get some basic education in statistical mechanics. When you learn what ergodicity is, tell me.

  25. Знакомства
    Kagagul5 months ago

    Does it make your Balls Ache?

  26. Знакомства
    Tezil5 months ago

    Evolution which never happened and cannot happen.

  27. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Goltijas4 months ago

    He's an expert... been practicing for decades.

  28. Nilrajas
    Nilrajas4 months ago

    Didn't say it was all atheists, but definitely a movement within atheism.

  29. Shaktijin
    Shaktijin4 months ago

    Decent enough explanation. There is more to it of course. Many civilizations in the area have now(well sorta) been found to use cuneiform or something derived from that, pretty remarkable IMO.

  30. Kagagar
    Kagagar4 months ago

    No, more than one condom does NOT mean it is safer!!

  31. Kajilrajas
    Kajilrajas4 months ago

    I believe I gave you the option to be a moron or practice good reading comprehension.

  32. Kiran
    Kiran4 months ago

    Evil is a social construct, actually.

  33. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Dolar3 months ago

    Laughable BS at best

  34. Kegore
    Kegore3 months ago

    They would use it in conjunction with a field sobriety test. You fail the test, they give you a swab, they take you in and run the tests.

  35. Dick gregory and ron brown The Bullet Hole
    Niktilar3 months ago

    You answered for your mother...not yourself.

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