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"My point exactly: the Golden Rule makes no sense, and yet atheists choose to abide by it and live virtuous lives. Why? Where is all that empathy and helpfulness and stewardship getting you other than a forgotten grave?"

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  1. Jukora
    Jukora1 year ago

    Interesting that mike left out the part about doxxing. I guess that fact doesn't fit the OP's agenda.

  2. Знакомства
    Gadal1 year ago

    Why you here then?

  3. Dailkree
    Dailkree1 year ago

    You rock, Cranky Old Man! :-)

  4. Kagagor
    Kagagor1 year ago

    Not really, trump has followed up on his promises. Which 1 promise did obama follow through on?

  5. Gogis
    Gogis1 year ago

    And again: there is a huge outcry against it. Because the populace is against it. I realize there's a tendency on the internet to point at extremes and try to pretend they're representative. This is not representative of views of people living in established democracies. This is representative of a vocal minority headed by a lunatic in

  6. Girls squirting teens toys Babes
    Mezigul1 year ago

    Hey Tyrone. I read the newspapers, do you?  There are pictures in the newspapers regularly. I already know that you have a computer, so you are free to look at pictures on there also.

  7. Maulmaran
    Maulmaran1 year ago

    that doesnt surprise me at all. its what they do. thats why id like to see them not do what i expect.

  8. Знакомства
    Kagashicage1 year ago

    Oh yes. I also still have the Kodak Bantam my parents bought after they got married. That was the first camera they owned

  9. Girls squirting teens toys Babes
    Kagakasa1 year ago

    Antiheros mentioned the Council of Jerusalem, which, if it happened, happened in the 50s or 60s of the first century. Constantine came to power in the fourth. You may be confusing the Council of Jerusalem with the Council of Nicaea.

  10. Muzil
    Muzil1 year ago

    LOL.. Oh y goodness, it used to be funny messing with the weird lonely old guys.

  11. Zumi
    Zumi1 year ago


  12. Kajigor
    Kajigor1 year ago

    Who has disarmed you?

  13. Girls squirting teens toys Babes
    Vocage1 year ago

    Now? Now he is going to? What?

  14. Girls squirting teens toys Babes
    Nishakar1 year ago

    Googledammerung in the original German.

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