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"Were you there? If you cannot access the information, then how can you cry "fake news"?"

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"Twelve centimeters, maybe. As he was loosing his tie, he said, "Danielle. She followed my demand.

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I sat down and cleaned my rifle.

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  1. Daikasa
    Daikasa1 year ago

    or what those sweaty palms last touched

  2. College party nude pics
    Grorg1 year ago

    Sounds tasty. What are you going to serve with it?

  3. Знакомства
    Maukinos1 year ago

    You are now blocked for offering zero intellectual or entertainment value. Spew your vapid nonsense to someone else.

  4. College party nude pics
    Arashicage1 year ago

    "What country do you live in?"

  5. College party nude pics
    Tygokasa1 year ago

    OK then if the creator can be eternal why not everything else? If the universe is eternal or cyclic no creator is needed. Claiming an eternal creator and only an eternal creator where nothing else is eternal is special pleading.

  6. Знакомства
    Voodoodal1 year ago

    After their HC premiums go up 30% because of the stripping away of ACA.

  7. Zunos
    Zunos1 year ago

    Yes, much of it is true or factual. However, none of the things that the religion or faith is based on can be proven. That is the important distinction.

  8. Mezijin
    Mezijin1 year ago

    I hope that "Clearly one doesn't have to do anything other than be elected to receive the NPP." is the most ignorant thing I read today.

  9. Akinogore
    Akinogore1 year ago

    What a detailed response. You are learning from the worlds shittest bullshit artist.

  10. Tot
    Tot1 year ago

    My original question wasn?t difficult to understand and my answer explained it succinctly regardless of whether you liked the format or not. So the ?real? question was, did your god consider ?babies? his enemy since the folks who dashed them against rocks were apparently blessed. In this ?context? did god sanction the murder of young children?

  11. Знакомства
    Samusida1 year ago

    Women can be as corrupted as men, when it comes to religious dogmas and women seem to be able to produce more fear then men may when they put their mind to it.

  12. Salkree
    Salkree1 year ago

    I do think the Washington Times is a b.s.rag. Moreover, I cite again their failure to corroborate this juicy story. Are you pretending that Sanders would not be able to consult with those supposedly aggrieved family members? As noted, even she has not confirmed this juicy tidbit. Nor, does it seem, can even a single witness or aggrieved family member. Funny that. Doncha think?

  13. Shaktigis
    Shaktigis1 year ago

    And yet more name shouting...

  14. College party nude pics
    Faegal1 year ago

    So, the Harris govt was only partially responsible and people who bring it up are only partially stupid?

  15. Знакомства
    Shakanos1 year ago

    Here's another Mattis qoute. He's one of the only trump picks that i respect.

  16. College party nude pics
    Mooguran11 months ago

    "Literate people" only goes so far. Like you, most people are seriously indoctrinated by ideological thinking and in need of becoming functionally literate in many basic fields, like those of the Social Sciences, more important than most in questions of Religion.

  17. Знакомства
    Zuran11 months ago

    Now you are being ridiculous.

  18. College party nude pics
    Kazim11 months ago

    Let?s leave the hyperdimensional being out of it for a moment.

  19. Kajilkree
    Kajilkree11 months ago

    What?s an oerson or a tinny voice?

  20. Знакомства
    Dinos11 months ago

    No problem, I understand.

  21. Fenrikus
    Fenrikus11 months ago

    ... so what are you expecting from the US? a country that took in thousands of nazis and even had them work for the government (scientists).

  22. Kajilkis
    Kajilkis10 months ago

    What difference does it make? One actually exists.

  23. Знакомства
    Dirisar10 months ago

    The baker opened a public business to serve the public. Insodoing, he agreed to follow all relevant business laws in his city, county, and state.

  24. Nera
    Nera10 months ago

    He has no answer to your rational question. Interesting.

  25. Mazujora
    Mazujora10 months ago

    You left out Hindu and Buddhist fundamentalism. Hindus are as likely to kill Muslims as are Muslims to kill Hindus. I don't kn ow how Buddhists feel about Hindus but they sure hate Muslims (see Rohingya).

  26. Zujinn
    Zujinn10 months ago

    Should the God, say, hit your newborn child with cancer - would you consider that right and fair?

  27. Gur
    Gur10 months ago

    We are not accused of Adam's sin. But some of the effects of his sin still fall on us.

  28. Kishicage
    Kishicage9 months ago

    No I don't realize that. You are making unsubstantiated claims. Why would Jewish peoples skin grow lighter over time?. That makes no sense at all.

  29. Grole
    Grole9 months ago

    I knew the name was very familiar, & yes I have heard of it.

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