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But ass naked in restroom at work, ( jack off n cum)

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Your comments(22)
  1. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Kagul1 year ago

    It is always possible for people to get history wrong. Christians have been getting history wrong since the beginning ie: the flood, the resurrection, creation, virgin birth etc.

  2. Kera
    Kera1 year ago

    I see where you said that now. Did you edit, or did I overlook that bit? Lol!

  3. Знакомства
    Kishakar1 year ago

    Since you aren't interested in anything but insulting atheists, you're getting reported.

  4. Nelmaran
    Nelmaran1 year ago

    A great remake of a great song.

  5. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Vudobar1 year ago

    Funny: in my experience, it's always women being disruptive in yoga classes -- not guys. Granted, it's usually not a huge disruption and the 10:1 ratio might have a lot to do with it. ;o)

  6. Volabar
    Volabar1 year ago

    If the OP is correct, the higher number of Christians means more targets for the angry atheists.

  7. Знакомства
    Voodoodal1 year ago

    Christianity - a religion that values death as salvation, and the "sacrifice" of its "God"... Christianity is a violent enterprise.

  8. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Vot1 year ago

    I need to leave for a meeting but when I get back and have the time, I will look at the NDP plan document again. I want to check for all the ways that the NDP plan to raise revenue (in addition to making the wealthy pay a bit more, I believe this is what I've heard her say).

  9. Tojarisar
    Tojarisar1 year ago

    Maybe you should read the conversation I was having before trying to butt into one without any idea...

  10. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Yolar1 year ago

    Na. Doesn't Phase us; not one iota. People who've heard about all those date-things from people like your kind - - - they're still trying hard to become Witnesses of Jehovah. Doesn't phase them either. They're onto people like you (Sensationalists); and they DISMISS your sensationalism.

  11. Знакомства
    Tygoran1 year ago

    1. I like to be happy. I don't like to be unhappy.

  12. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Faujinn11 months ago

    Yet Gillette here has entire arguments and positions based around ad hominem.

  13. Samusida
    Samusida11 months ago

    I can't argue with you about his unhingedness, but childish behaviour doesn't counter childish behaviour.

  14. Fenrikora
    Fenrikora11 months ago

    Obama spent $10 Trillion to lead the second slowest recovery from a recession on record

  15. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Vizragore11 months ago

    Sorry... But the Cities are Mobilizing like never Before.... Doubt if this is Going to be a Repeat

  16. Dodal
    Dodal11 months ago

    What trend. The only trend was no growth. Look it up.

  17. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Yogal11 months ago

    No, he can't refuse to serve it.

  18. Vokinos
    Vokinos11 months ago

    However, what I was getting at was the idea that the Bible has broad appeal to all people at all times. This proves it does not and the apologists known for trolling these issues have come up empty and have only snark to offer..

  19. Nudist group pictures nudismlife
    Mor11 months ago

    I don't mean to be a stickler, but shouldn't "unbiased media" be in quotes.

  20. Знакомства
    Grojar11 months ago

    Epictetus: People are not disturbed by the events themselves, but by the concepts they keep in mind for them!

  21. Vokora
    Vokora10 months ago

    You guess wrongly, as far as YHVH God is concerned.

  22. Zuluhn
    Zuluhn10 months ago

    It's like the wind. You don't see it, but you know it exists because you experience it.

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