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Tick bite anus

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""generation" is not referring to mankind. Jesus also speaks of this in matthew 16 when he talks about himself "repaying each one for what that person has done" and how some of them standing there won't die before they see him coming in his kingdom."

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  1. Vushicage
    Vushicage1 year ago

    Plan B? Plan A failed? Your view of God is so poor. The word faith appears not one time in the OT, believe occurs 15 times. "I the LORD do not change. ?

  2. Arashihn
    Arashihn1 year ago

    Considering you've been here as long as you have, its about time you read through the community guidelines.

  3. Ker
    Ker1 year ago

    It's as if you were trying to argue that this document might be historical when no one thinks it is. Regardless, take care Jero.

  4. Знакомства
    Mikagor1 year ago

    I have been autopilot as well. Then my mom mentioned my pupils were dialated and was I okay...I feel completely numb

  5. Знакомства
    Gubei1 year ago

    Pregnancy scares- we did used to get a lot of these lol

  6. Mikakazahn
    Mikakazahn1 year ago

    You wrote, and I quote, "I can not remember a Court decision that has not infringed upon Religion."

  7. Знакомства
    Gardalabar1 year ago

    Everybody has some color pigment in their skin except albinos.

  8. Знакомства
    Vojinn1 year ago

    Then clearly that is the definition of faith I'm referring to.

  9. Tick bite anus
    Nirn1 year ago

    The man is what makes my freak come out (at least in my case) ????

  10. Tick bite anus
    Kazranos1 year ago

    I have no problem with people doing what they like.

  11. Goltitilar
    Goltitilar1 year ago

    And my point is proven about the super-majority Republican House not being able to come to an agreement. Read their most recent defeat today on the Immigration Compromise Bill (Goodlatte II):

  12. Знакомства
    Moogular1 year ago

    There's always been abuse, but Trump gave them permission to go to full-on hate mode.

  13. Grosida
    Grosida1 year ago

    "Choosing a different church is not choosing a different god."

  14. Doutilar
    Doutilar1 year ago

    Evidence of the nonexistence of nonexistent gods is nonexistent because nonexistent gods are nonexistent.

  15. Sar
    Sar1 year ago

    Please, if you have a bible or if you can look it up on google than read the letter to the Hebrews chapter 11. ( Hebr. 11.)This is about men of faith and about true prophets, how they were... and what they went through... and how they were/are rejected and despised... and persecuted and tortured by people of the world... and often were/are very poor and often lived in terrible circumstances, where they had to suffer.. but they had a Spiritual wealth and glorious hope for eternal glory with God and Jesus in the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy City of GOD. True believers are overcomers, who live a victorious life over all powers of darkness in the power of the faith, in the Almighty GOD YHWH and His Son Yahshua ha Mashiach/ Jesus the Christ, given by God to them, so that they are stronger than all trials or temptations or evil of satan and evil mankind. They are the True Heroes during all ages. They love God and His Son and their eternal facts and truth and righteousness more than their own short earthly life... and than the lies and illusions of the world. For they know GOD and Jesus and the real truths of the eternal facts of the invisible worlds and the visible worlds. They respect, fear and love and honor God and His Son and their words and promises and revelations and prophecies more than the lies of deceived people, who think to know much, but are totally blinded by the lies and betrayal and deceptions by Satan and Lucifer and the other fallen angels/demons, who always lead people to all kind of entertainment, worldly knowledge, sexsual pleasures etc. to destroy their lives and to prepare their souls for eternal suffering.

  16. Tick bite anus
    Shajin1 year ago

    If you were a god would you feel the need to be worshipped? or even acknowledged?

  17. Nikobar
    Nikobar1 year ago

    don't even have to try to.. It is God himself who has already chosen them who are his even before the foundation of the world!! aye already understand that the ground needs to be broken!!! :) LOL!!!!

  18. Tick bite anus
    Mulkree1 year ago

    It had nothing to do with Canada. Canada didn't even exist as a country for another half a century. Good grief.

  19. Tick bite anus
    Aranris1 year ago

    I am a bit surprised you aren't accusing the PC's of colluding with Russia....

  20. Знакомства
    Zulujin1 year ago

    Again, it doesn't matter if you or me believe it to be true. But Muslims, unless they are apostates, believe Muhammad to be the best man.

  21. Zululrajas
    Zululrajas1 year ago

    Omda. I am sure that god does not actually exist other than in over burdened imaginations or in wholly scriptures because of three things.

  22. Zulkihn
    Zulkihn1 year ago

    That partly why we did it- because we know how repulsed the left is by him.

  23. Nesho
    Nesho1 year ago

    The original text does not include the wording of "have sex" and neither do earlier translations in English. That wording was added to translations made after the advent of LGBTQ rights as holy hypocrite pushback against Gay rights. You folks "added to the Word" even though you claim to hate the Mormons for doing exactly that with their Book of Mormon.

  24. Sazahn
    Sazahn1 year ago

    "Exactly. So religion is bunk and irrelevant."

  25. Знакомства
    Yomi1 year ago

    good to know

  26. Majar
    Majar1 year ago

    "Duhhhh Hillary....duhhharrr" The best a conservative mind can muster!

  27. Tick bite anus
    JoJokree1 year ago

    I have heard the same-more jobs than unemployed. An explanation that has been set forth is that people do not want to relocate.

  28. Знакомства
    Feramar1 year ago

    Half of it. The other half (common descent) is the bs. That's the issue of course and how deceptive it is...hiding behind true science. Follow?

  29. Tick bite anus
    Shakakazahn1 year ago

    The internet period & Amazon was a great idea, well executed & the

  30. Знакомства
    Groktilar1 year ago

    You can't be serious?

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