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"You are insulting my English?"

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" "I don't care as long as you and our son are okay. I finally go back to the house frustrated and horny from looking at long fat cocks in every stall.

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  1. Tujora
    Tujora10 months ago

    Remember...YOUR claim is that science teachers ARE berating Christianity in front of students in the classroom...and you have not proven it. YOU made a claim...now show evidence, or admit it is your personal belief.

  2. Mistress gigi back of head shaved
    Shashakar10 months ago

    Is Nazareth's existence important somehow?

  3. Mejas
    Mejas9 months ago

    Nope there is evidence.

  4. Dunos
    Dunos9 months ago

    The fella used his off time from selling hardware, preaching (probably in his hardware shop till he gets the gift of a double-wide house of worship), and family to construct a fully functional gaydar. Just like on tv

  5. Знакомства
    Mosar9 months ago

    And she looks remarkably Caucasian.

  6. Gardajin
    Gardajin9 months ago

    Do you have anything to say about the actual topic?

  7. Nikogrel
    Nikogrel9 months ago

    I misread your post. I thought you were referring to Sanders. My bad.

  8. Balrajas
    Balrajas8 months ago

    When the sphere is a planet, no need to assume. The Earth is not resting on anything.

  9. Goltigrel
    Goltigrel8 months ago

    I believe in the idea that GOD is what makes us separate from lesser animals. I believe Moses was the first to figure it out and that Jesus died trying to explain it. Duplantis has tax exempt status and can afford to buy it himself is all i'm saying. And he has a punchable face.

  10. Meziran
    Meziran8 months ago

    Outliers...we all have them, but they aren't for arguments sake

  11. Vudorg
    Vudorg8 months ago

    There are many channels to choose from if this one is not to your liking. There are a few that are nothing but Christian echo chambers, and those who disagree are banned.

  12. Yorn
    Yorn8 months ago

    Of course there was. What a ridiculous thing to say. It's symbolic of what we can all expect. It's a promise. God is eternal, and he chose to take on human form for a short time. What is so dificult to understand?

  13. Mistress gigi back of head shaved
    Voodoozil8 months ago

    It is the role of peer review that prevents what you assert. Evolution is inarguably one of the most peer reviewed concepts in all of science.

  14. Tygokora
    Tygokora7 months ago

    Dude, are you missing out!

  15. Знакомства
    Tonris7 months ago

    I've know the verse,'Jesus Wept'.

  16. Tugis
    Tugis7 months ago

    I've already told you numerous times why he declined to custom design their same-sex wedding cake. You have yet to tell me why he offered to sell them something. You just can't bring yourself to tell me, can you?

  17. Sharr
    Sharr7 months ago

    I heard "Egg Mc'Muffin" but then again it was breakfast time and the commute was a long one...

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