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Every time you masturbate god

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"Logical conclusion from the two times humanity started off from a very small set of people. Once when Adam and Eve's children would have had to commit incest and later when Noahs kids would have had to do the same. Also it was completely unnecessary when Lot's daughters got him drunk and raped him to get pregnant."

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  1. Every time you masturbate god
    Goltigal10 months ago

    He has you don't see, Like I said your choice.

  2. Every time you masturbate god
    Mazunos10 months ago

    PHII. I discovered the benefits of weed in Vietnam in 1968 . I have been a head ever since.

  3. Voodoozil
    Voodoozil10 months ago

    you make my heart sing

  4. Moogudal
    Moogudal10 months ago

    You do need to learn statistical mechanics to understand what he wrote. Here is the standard textbook:

  5. Знакомства
    Mikalabar10 months ago

    So, you don't think pressing the button would make the world better, since "everyone has these qualities"? We're not convinced everyone has these qualities, even if they have the capacity for them.

  6. Every time you masturbate god
    Shatilar9 months ago

    OK..I have once to vote for you before...but, it isn't enough to be on my list, I get their threads in my notifications sometimes

  7. Every time you masturbate god
    Brajin9 months ago

    you never heard of the church in Jerusalem.

  8. Mooguzil
    Mooguzil9 months ago

    And neither are embryos, zygotes, or a genome. The zygote's genome is a combination of the DNA in each gamete, and contains all of the genetic information necessary to form a new individual. It is not an infant nor a human being, nor a a fetus however much you want it to be. Get over it.

  9. Bragal
    Bragal9 months ago

    Believing he is one dimensional is why he keeps beating many of his opponents. It's why he trounced veteran politicians in the primaries, and a snake in the grass in the general election. But, believe whatever you want to, and keep being blindsided.

  10. Every time you masturbate god
    Mazusho8 months ago

    The reason that it was removed from the DSM is that its original addition was political. A mental disorder must meet one of the following criteria: it must either cause a disturbance to the person experiencing it or it must produce a disturbance to society. Homosexuality does not cause either

  11. Arashit
    Arashit8 months ago

    HAHAHHA OHGOD :p Ididn't did the dirty with him.. I never did.. I'm too young for that :D I'm ttoo caught up with y studies :D thanks for the advice tho

  12. Every time you masturbate god
    Akishakar8 months ago

    This stuff isn't even close to the most toxic drug.

  13. Barn
    Barn8 months ago

    Hard to argue with that.

  14. Dataur
    Dataur7 months ago

    No, the First Amendment doens't actually do that.

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