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"High horse? I'm sure you are aware that you have ZERO precedent from the Bible. I doubt you have even read it. As a matter of fact I doubt you are a Christian. You come on these forums telling us what Jesus wants us to do but you let your own get away with sinning flagrantly."

Step Mother & Sons Lost Weekend pt.3 - Silvia Sage - Family Therapy

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  1. Girls fuck trailers
    Gonris10 months ago

    Lmao why is Leo crawling in all of his films.

  2. Gashakar
    Gashakar9 months ago

    Public education is a public good. You are free to accept it, or pay extra to send your kids to a different school. Like mine did. You don't get to have both.

  3. Girls fuck trailers
    Grorg9 months ago

    Do you understand my post? Forget it, don't answer, answer is obvious.

  4. Kazikree
    Kazikree9 months ago

    In that case, if you're not sure where you originally got the claim, but you care whether it is correct, you should try to go back and figure out where you originally got it. Critical thinking is all about knowing where information is coming from and whether the source is clear, honest, logical, and in a position to know about their subject matter.

  5. Знакомства
    Guhn9 months ago

    Just stop Willy

  6. Girls fuck trailers
    Vubar9 months ago

    I'm guessing neither you nor Tracie are omniscient. Neither of you can see the future as clearly as the past.

  7. Daile
    Daile8 months ago

    Sure, I'd have no issue with you bashing him while he was alive. But he JUST committed suicide and people that cared about him are grieving. I get they're more than likely not reading the comments here, but still why do it? It only makes you look bad.

  8. Faurn
    Faurn8 months ago

    Its why I have a sticker over it :P

  9. Tygogor
    Tygogor8 months ago

    Looks fine to me. :)

  10. Vik
    Vik8 months ago

    I'm sure that Faux "Supposed" News hasn't told you about the SIX former Trump Campaign workers that have been indicted, AND agreed to cooperate.

  11. Girls fuck trailers
    Maujinn8 months ago

    The Bible is not a historical document. It is a book. It is a religious book full of religious stories.

  12. Fenrikinos
    Fenrikinos7 months ago

    You said you liked that.

  13. Goltigrel
    Goltigrel7 months ago

    I would not say remarkable success. Do they have a presence in Europe? Sure, but many Europeans would argue that their societies are still very much secular with little to no Islamic influence over their governments. Though the US media sure does enjoy making a mountain out of a molehill with that one.

  14. Gojind
    Gojind7 months ago

    The only thing worse than Marmite is pineapple on pizza.

  15. Dasho
    Dasho7 months ago

    As an outsider looking in on Christianity and religion in general I find the whole issue of hermeneutics interesting. To me if you call yourself a Christian I accept you as a Christian. I don't see a big difference between Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, JW's, Baptist . . .

  16. Zologrel
    Zologrel7 months ago

    Okay, so all you have is your own beliefs, right? Why is that relevant to anyone else? So God is you r private teacher? You need help, little fella. There is no God. Get use to that idea.

  17. Arashigul
    Arashigul7 months ago

    N'avez-vous pas entendu parler de televangelistes?

  18. Girls fuck trailers
    Salabar6 months ago

    I made no comment on national debt. I just pointed out your one hundred fold exaggeration of health care costs, which you are now pivoting to try to hide your ignorance.

  19. Girls fuck trailers
    Arataxe6 months ago

    People who just want to work and provide for their family, yes I'd call them the "good ones".

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