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"I shall refer to you in the diminutive and there is nothing you can do about it, son. Your demeanor requires it."

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  1. Kashicage
    Kashicage1 year ago

    Then you are willfully obstinate or perhaps have deliberately and specifically rejected Christ at sometime in the past. Regardless of which. You have my most heartfelt and sincerest sympathy because there is only ONE mortal sin (not 7) - rejecting Christ - and I can't help you with that one.

  2. Kazrajind
    Kazrajind1 year ago

    Nor is it about killing your political opponents

  3. Знакомства
    Voodoorisar1 year ago

    Gurl!! This season has me watching like....

  4. Golticage
    Golticage1 year ago

    Can?t. Too effective at this exercise. My goal is to make people less douchey.

  5. Знакомства
    Kazralar1 year ago

    Don't we all...

  6. Salkis
    Salkis1 year ago

    All Marxist?s are atheist . They may or may not like turnips but who cares?

  7. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Zulutaxe1 year ago

    Who is "the moderator"? And how would one protest if it is done unfairly...

  8. Akinonos
    Akinonos1 year ago

    Dude, half of your links go to intelligent design sites, there is no need to refute your, and their, opinion, that's all they are. You seem to think that a bunch of religious morons, just because they say something, it has any relation to real science. There's a reason we don't teach that chit in school, and it's because it's NOT real science. The understanding of DNA has actually provided MORE evidence for evolution, not less.

  9. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Guzilkree1 year ago

    Exactly the same... So, if you believe strong enough, you can go to the moon this afternoon and back in time for dinner? Easy, huh?

  10. Nikozil
    Nikozil1 year ago

    Again what does a discus op proves?

  11. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Vojinn1 year ago

    To be fair, there's not a lot for them to do. It's been 60 years of sitting there, waiting. Not surprising they'd want to take a trip and never leave the silo.

  12. Знакомства
    Akim1 year ago

    LOL, you don't know your history. Look east young man

  13. Nagar
    Nagar1 year ago

    The deal is we are supposed to lie with one another in the context of a male-female marriage.

  14. Nizahn
    Nizahn1 year ago

    There must be a huge amount of wastage around the world because of 'best before' dates.

  15. Tygozuru
    Tygozuru1 year ago

    Laughable crap...the kids that were ABUSED where the ones housed in "Deplorable Conditions" under Obama so spare me the BS

  16. Знакомства
    Mikazshura1 year ago

    Looks like somebody didn't get a nap today.

  17. Marg
    Marg1 year ago

    well i don't think you get to experience nothing

  18. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Dozahn1 year ago

    Ah, 'cos of that 1% self doubt? Makes sense.

  19. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Dogore1 year ago

    Thats fine, you can take those off??

  20. Muk
    Muk1 year ago

    you're right. the wealthy need pastors too. with a reported net worth of $25 million, i'm surprised his allowance isn't higher... but i still fail to see the justification for the religious nature of his occupation being valid enough to warrant him a tax break, whether it was $8,000 or $80,000.

  21. Helen shaver nude pictures free
    Dilar1 year ago

    Considering how the GOP has overtly stated their intent to turn us into a conservative Christian theocracy, I think we agree on this point.

  22. Знакомства
    JoJoshura1 year ago

    She talks a lot about that in her book. You would like it.

  23. Torr
    Torr1 year ago

    The Moors were sand negroes. Not actual negroes. Same with the Egyptians.

  24. Yolrajas
    Yolrajas11 months ago

    OK. I haven't looked for other posts. I just respond to Rob when he yaps at me.

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