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"I'll ask her...for you. If I come back with an actual answer from the dog, alert the authorities. She thanks you for the compliment."

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Your comments(35)
  1. Anissa Kate
    Kagakazahn1 year ago

    No problem because she did not know the cake was to celebrate sin. So, she was not being a hypocrite when creating the cake.

  2. Akinokree
    Akinokree1 year ago

    I'm asking why he wouldn't want to.

  3. Fenrigul
    Fenrigul1 year ago

    What I want to know is where is any proof Abraham Lincoln existed? We are being sold a bunch of lies folks.

  4. Anissa Kate
    Gardarisar1 year ago

    Did i say that?

  5. Знакомства
    Vudokora1 year ago

    Some do. Many don't.

  6. Знакомства
    Gat1 year ago

    I like another analogy as well. If the history of the earth was condensed into a single calendar year, humans appeared at around 23:36 on December 31st.

  7. Знакомства
    Donos1 year ago

    Let?s unpack this.

  8. Anissa Kate
    Mikakasa1 year ago

    No, the Commonwealth was part of the EU that took orders from Brussels!

  9. Знакомства
    Dounris1 year ago

    Well the OP is about how some atheist scientists sometimes DO think about religion. It happens, and the question is whether it's good for science. Your statement that most atheists never think about religion is irrelevant, even if true.

  10. Знакомства
    Kazrazshura1 year ago

    I don't think I have ever read you complimenting anything Muslim. All your comments identify it as bad. You even claim that Muslim culture will never change and always be bad. Is there any hope for Russia, then, by your way of thinking?

  11. Anissa Kate
    Shakajora1 year ago

    That's always an immediate red flag for me lol

  12. Anissa Kate
    Dabar1 year ago

    This is what killed TNC way back when.

  13. Знакомства
    Shazshura1 year ago

    That is what you were told to believe!

  14. Akinojar
    Akinojar1 year ago

    There is no coherent definition of "a supernatural event."

  15. Anissa Kate
    Vogor1 year ago

    Hitler understood the power of the church & therefore worked w/the church leaders

  16. Anissa Kate
    Kilabar1 year ago

    You make it sound like a bad thing to not want your kids to be made into mindless sheep and not want them to have bad influences at an age when they?re impressionable.

  17. Samurr
    Samurr1 year ago

    I want back and added it. You should try it sometime. The only trouble is that bowl is 8-10 bucks. So a little on the high side for a snack. It's due to the Acia coming from Brazil.

  18. Zululmaran
    Zululmaran1 year ago

    Do you have endometriosis? I might have spelled that wrong or be confusing it with something else...

  19. Знакомства
    Shaktisida1 year ago

    Is that opinion based on your research, or is it based on the fact that you don't like what they stand for?

  20. Anissa Kate
    Tojarg1 year ago

    Actual historians don't doubt the historicity of Jesus.

  21. Anissa Kate
    Voodoolmaran1 year ago

    LMFAO good end around on answering the question of how your Jesus is a failed prophet who failed by stating that all those things would happen before the generation of people he was supposedly talking to, would pass away huh?

  22. Знакомства
    Zolokora1 year ago

    Oh, yeah, that...

  23. Знакомства
    Vobar1 year ago

    So, when homosexuals use social pressure to advance their agenda, it is also morally reprehensible, right? Sauce for the goose.

  24. Знакомства
    Aralabar1 year ago

    OK, so maybe not tiny but clearly the minority. I haven't kept up with Dutch politics so much lately but it seems the last general election rebuffed efforts at turning the tide towards the right in Netherlands. Although, in terms of the political climate in Europe now I would not be surprised if the right is still alive and growing.

  25. Goramar
    Goramar1 year ago

    Saw this a while back. She refused to do a leg waxing, not near anyone's genitals.

  26. Kakasa
    Kakasa1 year ago

    it doesn't matter if we can prove or disprove it. Logic dictates, withhold belief until there is sufficient evidence. How dare I make life decisions based on a god nobody can prove is real?

  27. Anissa Kate
    Nezilkree1 year ago

    Part of the inscription on the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem reads, "Do not say 'three'" - a reference to the Christian doctrine of the trinity. Christianity is identified by Islam as teaching particular blasphemies - there's a particular objection to the Christian faith. And let's not forget that Christians are also persecuted by Hindus and Bhuddists for much the same reason.

  28. Знакомства
    Gashakar1 year ago

    A lot more than some sky fairy.

  29. Mezicage
    Mezicage1 year ago

    He says he has the power to perceive it. According to him it isn?t an ability he asked for, he was born with it. Sort of like that baby in The Incredibles.

  30. Anissa Kate
    JoJom1 year ago

    I mean.....he wasn't small. When I woke up I immediately wanted to go back to sleep, if that tells you anything.

  31. Anissa Kate
    Shaktikasa1 year ago

    Sub species, even sub to sister species happens all the time. Dog and wolf are sister species. Its not what is needed to confirm evo is observed to do what it boasts happened. Its all on paper nothing observed. Now, with genetics there's zero excuse...youd think. The fast breeding species. There's isolation, then over time its a new sub species. If given enough time supposedly this change (all internal) creates barriers where the old group cannot interbreed anylonger. This is only happening with hybrids. Two existing species breeding to form one other, but they aren't the success evo needs either. The males become sterile, females fertile or both. Dead ends the species is doomed, certainly not this continuous event. See, this is all just the very start of observable evo in the spot light. That tree of life? Its a mere node, a split on this supposed tree depicting common descent all life. Its just the very start with internal barriers where gene flow from former to new cease. Its imperative. Otherwise you have a back and forth problem going on, like today with grizzlies and polar bears, threatened to lose one from interbreeding. Anyways. The idea and hope for evo is to document the change from this node to novel complex structure on similar structured specimen. :) its a no show, not even the very very start.

  32. Anissa Kate
    Malanris11 months ago

    Only a racist would say that

  33. Merr
    Merr11 months ago

    Do you mean his friendship with cardinal Pacelli and his signing Concordat with the RCC was anti-Christian? I agree with that. Hitler's pope Pius XII was Antichrist.

  34. Faunos
    Faunos11 months ago

    Yep, but I see you can't accept... like a man.

  35. Знакомства
    Goltigul11 months ago

    Ok, so this was a year ago now. If you "forgave him" and stayed with him, then you're going to have to let it go and find a way to get over it. Try seeing a therapist if you're finding it difficult.

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