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"Ugh my heart was skipping reading this story worrying it would come out in a far worse outcome. I have a little dog too. He's about 16-18lbs normally, and while he is really friendly, he's a people dog not other dogs. There was an incident I experienced either last Christmas or the one before that where I was walking my dog in my parents' neighborhood. There are a lot of dog owners here with general good manners. [Everyone mostly picks up after their dog and if they have a dog that is rowdy or notice another dog beginning to get active ie barking excitedly etc they move to the other sidewalk]. This pitbull -- nothing against pits by the way, but this one was young and untrained -- was free leashing and it came running up to my dog which startled mine. Then it was barking at it and very aggressively trying to play or what have you. My dog wasn't having it and so I had to scoop mine up and the pitbull was trying to scale me to get to my dog. In the scuffle, my hand got injured -- probably from a deep scratch. I certainly did cuss the owner out in the heat of the moment lmao. I know that's not on topic per say but as for the dog park..."

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  1. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Mall1 year ago

    this woman in particular with her cultural and personal history ,may have well been subjected to harrassment to a degree that has made her quick to jump on subtle insult. if this woman is gay, she could well be hearing lots of subtle comments aimed at her. then its a question of whether or not this offender is someone who has done or said things in the past. as an individual, its one thing. as a proffessor, its another.

  2. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Zulkijas1 year ago

    This lady was a Disqus find of mine.

  3. Vomuro
    Vomuro1 year ago

    Well, Lucas went as far as pointed out that Star Wars was heavily influenced by

  4. Arashirg
    Arashirg1 year ago

    THIS is what I'm talking about.

  5. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Maugore1 year ago

    I said it was a voluntary choice to take dope or booze. That is all. You implied otherwise.

  6. Mooguzilkree
    Mooguzilkree11 months ago

    Yes, like the majority of Americans.

  7. Знакомства
    Brataxe11 months ago

    Are you saying there's no way to have adequate border enforcement if it's not awash in racism?

  8. Знакомства
    Akinot11 months ago

    Primarily central nervous system and heart/circulatory as these are absolutely essential to life. For example if a fetus developed without arms we would not think it was not a human. I think even if it developed without a fully functioning digestive system. But CNS and circulatory are hallmarks of life and being able to continue life.

  9. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Kill11 months ago

    Within the TOE there is the Founder Effect. It usually has to do with a very small population of critters that finds itself in a new environment through migration or tectonic separation, but it also applies to a small group of survivors from some cataclysmic event.

  10. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Shakajar11 months ago

    Well I am Jewish

  11. Знакомства
    Vigal10 months ago

    I don't participate; I laugh at the foolishness :D Good time to propose, surrounded with gluttonous fools who are gonna hate themselves in the very near future :D :D :D

  12. Fet
    Fet10 months ago

    You are under no obligation to collect social security or Medicare.

  13. Знакомства
    Dozilkree10 months ago

    I heard that Prince Charles had always wanted a daughter...which I thought was special to hear. First Kate, now Meghan.

  14. Mikarn
    Mikarn10 months ago

    I find life implausible, but the overwhelming evidence of its existence militates against the implausibility. Now, spare us your dishonest strawman.

  15. Zolojinn
    Zolojinn10 months ago

    Maybe they meant aborist....lol

  16. Dagar
    Dagar10 months ago

    For 8 minutes ;)

  17. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Yokinos10 months ago

    So are you one of those poor naive souls that thinks no innocent person is ever convicted or over-prosecuted??

  18. Dushicage
    Dushicage9 months ago

    yes but it was while I was in a bad argument. Worst day, EVER!

  19. Fenririsar
    Fenririsar9 months ago

    Twenty maybe. But ya, still a long time. All else being equal, I'd still prefer monopoly utilities in the hands of government over the private sector.

  20. Знакомства
    Tara9 months ago

    Christian Jesus is also different than the Jewish Jesus, but the religion itself isn't too different.

  21. JoJomuro
    JoJomuro9 months ago

    You are welcome, and I appreciate those who are able to argue civilly. I think for a person who is grossly negligent in his actions and refuses to repent and change his ways, they should be formally dismissed from the church. Then, it would be fair to say that they are no longer "Christians" However, that is a slippery slope, as I would say a good portion of the people who claim to be Christians on this channel do not exhibit the "fruits" of Christianity or followers of Jesus Christ. I am disgusted that many of them rather let women and children starve then to have to provide for them through a tiny portion of their taxes. They support and endorse capitalist greed that has overtaken the US and do not feel the rich owe anything to the poor or to those who break their backs and have no life working in companies that make their shareholders so rich that they could not possibly spend that money in 10 lifetimes. None of that seems very "Christlike" to me.

  22. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Yogrel9 months ago

    Took a republican appointed justice to finally condemn this democrat executive order.

  23. Tojat
    Tojat9 months ago

    Anybody can coin a phrase. It's ridiculous to call a baby an atheist. Honestly.

  24. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Virg8 months ago

    It didn't seem like GSW was beatable last year. They let the Cavs win game 4 so they could close out at home in a landslide. (they may do the same thing tonight...) but, they seemed beatable this year. I honestly thought Houston might take them out. (I never thought Boston would win game 7)

  25. Vucage
    Vucage8 months ago

    This is why atheists will never be taken seriously. You think calling my belief bullshit gives people a good purview of atheism? think again...

  26. Знакомства
    Merr8 months ago

    Yeah it looks like the towel on the Mussy's heads.

  27. Click Here To Visit Scoreland
    Samukree8 months ago

    Read the scientific papers yourself.

  28. Groran
    Groran8 months ago

    So there's still hope for water into wine? Because let's be clear: that's a great party trick!

  29. Знакомства
    Mile7 months ago

    LMFAO *dead* I'm totally imagining you saying this too, btw.

  30. Tashura
    Tashura7 months ago

    How do you know that?

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