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Haiti amateur radio contacs Amateur

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"No. His attitude is the correct one."

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  1. Magal
    Magal8 months ago

    Seriously, how long are you prepared to pretend Trump's successes are Obama's, 3, 4 8 years what?

  2. Fenrizragore
    Fenrizragore7 months ago

    But most of the claims are mutually exclusive. Either Jesus is god, or he isn't.

  3. Знакомства
    Taushicage7 months ago

    Hitler wasn't atheist. And, again, if we want to add up all the mass murders in the world and see what flavor of myth was actually pulling the trigger or plunging the blade, I can pretty much guarantee it is theists involved for well over 99% of the kills.

  4. Знакомства
    Kazisida7 months ago

    It has everything to do with how they're processed. They deliberately overwhelm a system, at the instigation of the leftists, not designed to handle the wave of illegals that have arrived and expect to have their criminal entry excused because they aren't being processed immediately. There is no responsibility to accommodate criminals on their terms. They have a responsibility to obey the law or face the legitimate effects of its enforcement.

  5. Знакомства
    Vokinos7 months ago

    Most religion is "Utterly preposterous nonsense", not just Christianity

  6. Kell
    Kell7 months ago

    R.I.P AB! Nice guy, will be missed, damn, the foe that none can defeat catches up to another, great guy, He was cool whilst in it, much strength to family, friends and all connected.

  7. Aragul
    Aragul7 months ago

    A possible reason is that the original deflection is from a Christian saying, "but this religion is even worse than mine." (paraphrased, of course.)

  8. Akibar
    Akibar6 months ago

    Why do some men have such a difficult time accepting that we don't all do this? Lol

  9. Haiti amateur radio contacs Amateur
    Arar6 months ago

    I like this

  10. Akizahn
    Akizahn6 months ago

    Me too????????you have to wonder at an individual's state of mind, and what they do with themselves all day, lol. One day somebody got so mad at my opinion they sent me at least 12 responses. I was like:

  11. Haiti amateur radio contacs Amateur
    Gum6 months ago

    This is really a state issue. The federal government doesn't have that authority.

  12. Haiti amateur radio contacs Amateur
    Doukus5 months ago

    To cut through the smokescreen of BS and burning straw men offered by the OP:

  13. Знакомства
    Mazucage5 months ago

    "How do you explain their different relationships to the same Creator Divinity?"

  14. Знакомства
    Kezuru5 months ago

    But he isn't really looking at it from that point of view. He's looking at it from a straw man version of that point of view, and has every incentive to keep doing so.

  15. Vosho
    Vosho5 months ago

    We faced some serious issues because of the Clintons, issues that they brought upon themselves...Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Uranium One, Libya and others. So what the fuck is Bill talking about?

  16. Grokasa
    Grokasa4 months ago

    Sorry...Obama never had a 100% separation policy.

  17. Haiti amateur radio contacs Amateur
    Malabei4 months ago

    Jesus was not all that famous when he was alive. His fame came many years later. Communication didn't exist then like today. I have no idea who knew whom

  18. Kazragal
    Kazragal4 months ago

    Not interested. Scientific theories are constantly being revised and improved upon. How is that going to affect me? Why should I care? Why do you care? What's it to you?

  19. Знакомства
    Salkis4 months ago

    He?s one of those false teachers that will arise! You mean to tell me that he has placed me and others into the same category before ( we don?t know how to interpret scripture correctly) so I?m stupid and hate God, because I don? see where he is the returning messiah sacrifice lamb but the others are justified because they don?t know any better? Lie you den of vipers!

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