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"Christian or not, you have no obligation to accept refugees. Morally or legally. Your only obligation is to your citizens and how an influx of more people will affect them."


" "What would you like to know?" she responded. I groggily got up, shook off the uncomfortable sleep, got out of the truck, and said, "How would you react if I told you Nimmy was a House Warming Gift?" Tim and Morgan both snickered, but Jim, Morgan's older brother said, "Get out of here, faggot.

My sister had a crush on me.

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Inch by inch she sucked and licked his cock and Ben moaned with pleasure well rubbing her head. They still think I'm waitressing and that I have a pile of student loans," Dani said. Kyle could be my cousin from out of town.

She said to Bob that his foreskin looked tight but nothing to worry about just to make sure that he always cleaned underneath it.

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"Yes. I held her hand while she lay on the blanket and delivered our baby.

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  1. Знакомства
    Bragis1 year ago

    You are the fakest Atheist EVER!

  2. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Nezil1 year ago

    You're jumping to conclusions. No, that was one example. It could be more or less extreme too. Whatever you do because of your level of atheism or beliefs is due to your atheism.

  3. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Zolobei1 year ago

    The clause has actually never been tested at the Supreme Court as to its application to a child of illegal aliens. So we could outlaw that, and probably should.

  4. Fenrilar
    Fenrilar1 year ago

    That's technically (3) types... Who can't count ?

  5. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Gardahn1 year ago

    I would refuse service and then add ?we don?t serve your kind here?. Obviously I mean active members of Congress but let?s see how she takes it

  6. Знакомства
    Mezim1 year ago

    Those great thinkers were shunned by their own religions. Their science was so overwhelming though, that it had to be accepted.

  7. Знакомства
    Nalkis1 year ago

    Sounds like what Yoda would say before God went into the cave.

  8. Знакомства
    Zutaur1 year ago

    What a jolly jig! Don't forget your shots, now!

  9. Знакомства
    Shakazshura1 year ago

    It is evident to so very few. Most only know the gods that their parents and culture indoctrinate them into "knowing". How is yours different from the Bible God or Allah or Zeus?

  10. Viramar
    Viramar1 year ago

    I am more a fan of Jesus? summary of the ten, the TWO commandments, if you will: love God and love your neighbor. Especially the second, since that?s the one that has practical import in this world.

  11. Знакомства
    Fenos1 year ago

    That isn?t Science, first of all. It?s Existential Philosophy informed by Science and the Social Sciences.

  12. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    JoJojas1 year ago

    I've shared them many times.

  13. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Tugore1 year ago

    Of course the only type EVER considered in the US would be single payer.

  14. Mikat
    Mikat1 year ago

    Smiley posts the OP then wants to control the narrative.

  15. Знакомства
    Dadal1 year ago

    sorry, I loathe things that I fear.

  16. Знакомства
    Kagam1 year ago

    We can definitely do more of these!

  17. Tazshura
    Tazshura1 year ago

    Hannity is an opinion show not a news show. What is shameful is that you don't understand the difference.

  18. Kemi
    Kemi11 months ago

    Super fun thread! And very good situation to prompt thought!

  19. Знакомства
    Yozshuzahn11 months ago

    "seems clear" = not sure.

  20. Знакомства
    Tojarisar11 months ago

    Religions in school is associated with mentally abusing children.

  21. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Gardarn11 months ago

    Can you prove any of that to be true? Can you explain how that is a prophecy?

  22. Fenrisida
    Fenrisida11 months ago

    I hear what your saying. I was referring specifically to attachment styles (the theory of) which researchers say is formed during super early childhood. As adults that is the foundation on which we form our relationships. according to the experts

  23. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Kiramar10 months ago

    No it doesn't. Everyone except democrats know the popular vote means nothing in determining who becomes president.

  24. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Zolosho10 months ago

    I agree with that.

  25. Malaktilar
    Malaktilar10 months ago

    Unless science pursues those thoughts, how can you know they are inane?

  26. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Tujar10 months ago

    Not that it matters, but Ellabulldog is a guy (self-proclaimed). Ella is the name of his dog. . .I'm thinking it's probably a bulldog, but I'm not sure where I got that impression from.

  27. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Nikobei10 months ago

    Perhaps we weren't meant to wear shoes. "Perfect" has different meanings to different observers.

  28. Nikocage
    Nikocage9 months ago

    I wasn't speaking of banning Islam either, it's enough if peoploe are informed what it is. Ideas are important, and they change the world. You can look at many Muslim majority countries to see how Islamic ideas changed those part of the world. It's absurd to dismiss their influence. There are good ideas, like equal rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech. And there are bad ideas, like punishment for blasphemy and apostasy, slavery, gender inequality, theocracy. Islam is the source of very bad ideas, if they are not confronted, they spread more and more.

  29. Eric the midget jimmy kimmel
    Taujas9 months ago

    That sounds kind of freeing.

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