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Gay male photo shoot

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"The freedom of speech thing is there so we can criticize the government, not so we can freely tell anyone whatever the hell we want. Speech is marginalized in many ways. You can't threaten the President. You can't should "Fire" in a movie theater. You can't cast libel against others."

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Your comments(21)
  1. Moogujin
    Moogujin8 months ago

    Please disregard Class's threat.

  2. Gay male photo shoot
    Mejar8 months ago

    Yes, reality just is what it is. If a God "designed" this world out of an infinite number of options on purpose, than that God is evil.

  3. Shaktijinn
    Shaktijinn8 months ago

    I won't judge, I'm team Cersei all the way.

  4. Golmaran
    Golmaran8 months ago

    It's an idea. A fiendish and terrible idea! But I'm open minded to it. :-)

  5. Gay male photo shoot
    Zulmaran8 months ago

    Again FROM the ruling:

  6. Vudokora
    Vudokora8 months ago

    A Demon! Quick, break out the crosses and Holy Water!!!

  7. Kazracage
    Kazracage8 months ago

    I'm not saying religio-politicians don't need to be closely watched and restrained when necessary. The news from Ireland todays suggests that we can do that successfully.

  8. Dur
    Dur8 months ago

    You keep responding with unreal amounts of vitriol, why is that?

  9. Знакомства
    Sar7 months ago

    I don't know were you get your info from, but its not "stuff".

  10. Vudoll
    Vudoll7 months ago

    Tacitus is referencing both Christians and Jesus. However, his Jesus-references are only hearsay, based on what he gleaned from his contemporary Christian sources. He does not cite official records of Jesus's trial before Pilate, if such even existed at the time, which is what we need if we want him to really be making a historical reference to a historical Jesus.

  11. Знакомства
    Dagore7 months ago

    He refuses to give his wife oral, but insists she oblige him.

  12. Gay male photo shoot
    Nanos7 months ago

    I'll take knowing their armed and not knowing their skill level over not knowing either.

  13. Gay male photo shoot
    Yokora7 months ago

    The weak minded Trump minions are so entertaining with the excuses they come up with. Comical. Are you suffering from amnesia, or possibly just have a selective memory? I see you conveniently left out those 19 women who accused Trump of sexual assault, the 13 year old little girl who accused him of rape, his sex with a Porn Star, RIGHT after Melania gave birth, and the Access Hollywood tape of him actually bragging about his lifelong history of sexual assault, and "Grabbing PU$$Y", because "STARS" can get away with anything.

  14. Gay male photo shoot
    Shatilar7 months ago

    All the above whom you quoted were products of the Enlightenment. No way in hell would they have ever wanted an official religion in their newly formed country.

  15. Vudokasa
    Vudokasa6 months ago

    Ah, the eponymous altered reality

  16. Gay male photo shoot
    Mazuk6 months ago

    Banned for mod-bashing and trolling.

  17. Знакомства
    Tojakus6 months ago

    But where specifically? It's not 40,000 odd words of Torah.

  18. Zulkikasa
    Zulkikasa6 months ago

    No, left-handedness is precisely the same thing. Most people are right-handed. . .it's how people are 'wired'. It's perfectly natural for a certain minority of people to be left-handed. In the past they were demonized, killed and/or forced to conform. It was a sign of the "Devil," to some Christians.

  19. Знакомства
    Kizilkree6 months ago

    How could God explain to his creation how he created them and their surroundings. Like explaining algebra to a two year old.

  20. Mezilrajas
    Mezilrajas5 months ago

    Its not a surprise that he is threatening Harley with more taxes nor that the GOP is taxing churches. They have to pay for those tax breaks given to oligarchs somehow....

  21. Знакомства
    Tojashakar5 months ago

    Que libtard heads exploding

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